Top 7 Valuable and Collectible Items You Shouldn't Have Thrown Away

Did you know that there are several items that are considered collectibles and could fetch a decent amount of money when auctioned off or sold? Things you thought were junk or no longer needed could be your ticket to earning hundreds, even thousands of $$$. Take a look at the items below and see which ones you shouldn’t have thrown away.

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    Peanut the Beanie Baby

    If you ever bought a royal blue elephant Beanie Baby named Peanut for your kid, you should know that it’s worth thousands of $$$ when sold online or auctioned off, e.g. $3000. Beanie Babies are cute stuffed toy animals filled with plastic beans and they were a huge hit, but the most popular of all was one that came out because of a factory defect – it came out with a darker shade of blue (royal blue). If you gave it away or threw it out, too bad :(

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