Top 5 First Date Bloopers – Have You Ever Experienced These?

First dates can be nerve wracking for many. There are some unlucky people who actually experienced first date bloopers that could either make you laugh or cry, or do both. Below you’ll find our Top 5.

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    The Gassy Date

    Some people suffer from gassiness and this could mean farting and burping too much during the date. Quite a number of people have confessed being on an embarrassing first date because of their gassiness, which could have been caused by the kind of food ordered during the date, or eaten before the date. Pasta, milk products, soda, lentils and beans – these are just a few examples of food that can produce too much gas in people. Were you ever on a date where you just can’t keep yourself from farting, burping, even belching too much?

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